Prospect Magazine: Getting over Gatlin for the greater good

We are a society which purports to endorse rehabilitation. So why do we condemn those who have fallen afoul of strict doping regulations?

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The Art of the Lost Lament – England Here at Least are Champions

With a premature Champions trophy exit, England’s national habit of failing to win a major sporting tournament continues. Set up by a media complicit in placing the weight of a nation on our athletes’ shoulders, at least when the fall does come, it makes for compelling reading.

When England’s male cricketers last got knocked out at the group stage of a global tournament, Australia had the courtesy to go on and win the thing. Two years on from their humiliation at the hands of a burgeoning Bangladesh side, the tables appeared to have turned; England were favourites and well set going into the knockout stages of this year’s Champions Trophy.

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Sports Integrity Initiative: Brexit – A sporting chance?

Last week a referendum in the United Kingdom saw a majority vote in favour of leaving the European Union. While the vote is only advisory – any legal implications will likely take at least two years to occur – the financial markets have already taken a severe hit and the political mood is one of uncertainty. So what does the vote mean for the sporting world? We have a look at some of the key areas of impact, with a sports law slant.

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Crikey: Is Bowen the next Turnbull? The sorry state of Labo(u)r

Chris Bowen is the only Labor politician to realise what a gift the GST debate could be. But Labor’s UK cousins bungled it badly as well. Freelance journalist Isabelle Westbury writes.

The Age: The win that must change a nation

Women excel in so many sports yet investment and belief in female athletes lags behind. Jockey Michelle Payne’s win should be a game changer.

She’s only gone and won it. In a paradox like no other, Australian racing’s greatest prize has been won by a person on the field that the whole sport has for years contrived to belittle and objectify. Michelle Payne’s unlikely victory in Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup fittingly caps a year of tremendous sporting achievement for Australia’s women. Now here’s to capitalising on it.

The Fabian Review: Labour has lost pride in its achievements – and that can be fatal

“Divided, extreme and out-of-date.” These are the words that have dominated a torrid few months of headlines for Labour. News of Andrew Adonis’ recent appointment as chair of Osborne’s National Infrastructure Commission has added to this image, with Labour insiders squabbling publicly over the merits of the move.

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The Guardian / The Observer: A Corbynista’s guide to the Labour conference

The right people to talk to, places to go and serious tomes to be seen with

Which events should you be attending?

It has not always been a recipe for advancement in the Labour party, but dropping in on an event being hosted by Sinn Féin at 6pm could be a smart move for the ambitious Corbynista. Before becoming leader, Corbyn had agreed to speak on the theme of “Good Friday Agreement Under Threat – Equality Not Austerity” at the event at a Best Western hotel on the seafront. There is a Young Labour reception at the Hilton at the same time, though, and it may in the end be felt by Corbyn’s advisers that meeting the kids is a safer bet than meeting lobby journalists floating around looking for trouble.

The Guardian / The Observer: #LibDemFightback – what became of MPs who lost their seats?

After a disastrous showing in May general election, what are ousted Liberal Democrat MPs up to now.

A life peer, a charity worker and an energy consultant – these are the lucky ones. Four months on from a disastrous showing in the general election, many of the Liberal Democrat MPs who lost their jobs in May remain jobless.

Progress: The clean-up after the spill

If you feel frustration with current British politics, then a glance at Australia may make you feel a little better.

Since my recent arrival in Australia, most conversations have started with an apology for the soap opera that many believe has engulfed Australian politics, making their current state of politics a national embarrassment.

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