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A celebrity vote for Boris

Boris Johnson has snared a new celebrity supporter in Robert Pattinson, the British-born Hollywood actor, but it was more because of his ability to play the clown than through force of intellect or any policy ideas.

Speaking to one of the TMS elves at an event at the BFI to promote his new film, The Rover, Pattinson declared himself a BoJo fan. “I loved how he carried himself at the Olympics,” he said. “Especially when he got stuck on that zipwire thing. That was brilliant.” That is what we most look for in a prime minister.

The hearthrob of teenage girls around the world (Pattinson, not Boris) expressed regret in a recent interview that he hadn’t read politics at university. “I wanted to work in the mechanics of it,” he said. “I like speech-writing.” Could this be the beginning of a beautiful relationship?

• This article was originally published in The Times on 12 August 2014. To access the original, please click here.


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