Prospect Magazine: Getting over Gatlin for the greater good

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We are a society which purports to endorse rehabilitation. So why do we condemn those who have fallen afoul of strict doping regulations?

Sports Integrity Initiative: Mamadou Sakho – Dommages collatéraux dans une ère de dénonciation publique

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Le footballeur de Liverpool, Mamadou Sakho, a été blanchi plus tôt cette année suite à une enquête de dopage imparfaite. Sa carrière reste dans la balance, tandis que l’AMA, l’organisation qui a si peu contrôlé l’affaire, n’a pas encore été tenu de rendre des comptes.


Sports Integrity Initiative: Mamadou Sak-who? Collateral damage in an era of name and shame

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The Liverpool footballer, Mamadou Sakho, was exonerated earlier this year following a flawed doping investigation. His career remains in the balance while WADA, the organisation that so ineptly policed the affair, has yet to be held to account.

Sports Integrity Initiative: Federbet: ‘If we don’t publicise match-fixing, no one will do anything’

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Federbet, the betting monitoring organisation, has come in for some flak over the years, but increasingly its findings are being vindicated. The Sports Integrity Initiative interviewed Federbet’s General Secretary, Francesco Baranca, who is bullish about its prospects, and unrelenting in its defence.

Sports Integrity Initiative: Brexit – A sporting chance?

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Last week a referendum in the United Kingdom saw a majority vote in favour of leaving the European Union. While the vote is only advisory – any legal implications will likely take at least two years to occur – the financial markets have already taken a severe hit and the political mood is one of uncertainty. So what does the vote mean for the sporting world? We have a look at some of the key areas of impact, with a sports law slant.

Sports Integrity Initiative: Michael Hershman, ICSS’s new CEO – ‘Why I’ve been brought on board’

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The anti-corruption tsar explains why he’s the man to lead the energetic anti-corruption organisation operating from Qatar.

Michael Hershman boasts a résumé that reads like an anti-corruption instruction manual. If there was ever anyone born to lead the fight against corruption, Hershman’s achievements suggest he’s it. A former US Military counter-intelligence officer, he served on the Senate Watergate Committee which investigated the world’s most notorious cover-up, before helping co-found the global anti-corruption think-tank, Transparency International. His achievement list is long and plentiful.

Sports Integrity Initiative: Blurred lines – The dangerous demonisation of performance enhancement

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Performance enhancement is a dirty phrase in elite sport, but is the condemnation justified? The Sports Integrity Initiative and former Olympic sprinter Craig Pickering discuss the legal and moral implications of vilifying an athlete’s efforts to improve performance, in any form. 

Sports Integrity Initiative: Australian police investigating NRL match-fixing allegations

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Police in New South Wales, Australia, are investigating allegations of match-fixing in the National Rugby League (NRL), Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph reports.

The investigation reportedly concerns two games in 2015 involving Manly Sea Eagles – one against South Sydney Rabbitohs and the other against Parramatta Eels. All three clubs are based in Sydney.