Prospect Magazine: Getting over Gatlin for the greater good

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We are a society which purports to endorse rehabilitation. So why do we condemn those who have fallen afoul of strict doping regulations?

The Age: The win that must change a nation

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Women excel in so many sports yet investment and belief in female athletes lags behind. Jockey Michelle Payne’s win should be a game changer.

She’s only gone and won it. In a paradox like no other, Australian racing’s greatest prize has been won by a person on the field that the whole sport has for years contrived to belittle and objectify. Michelle Payne’s unlikely victory in Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup fittingly caps a year of tremendous sporting achievement for Australia’s women. Now here’s to capitalising on it.


The Guardian / The Observer: A Corbynista’s guide to the Labour conference

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The right people to talk to, places to go and serious tomes to be seen with

Which events should you be attending?

It has not always been a recipe for advancement in the Labour party, but dropping in on an event being hosted by Sinn Féin at 6pm could be a smart move for the ambitious Corbynista. Before becoming leader, Corbyn had agreed to speak on the theme of “Good Friday Agreement Under Threat – Equality Not Austerity” at the event at a Best Western hotel on the seafront. There is a Young Labour reception at the Hilton at the same time, though, and it may in the end be felt by Corbyn’s advisers that meeting the kids is a safer bet than meeting lobby journalists floating around looking for trouble.

The Guardian / The Observer: #LibDemFightback – what became of MPs who lost their seats?

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After a disastrous showing in May general election, what are ousted Liberal Democrat MPs up to now.

A life peer, a charity worker and an energy consultant – these are the lucky ones. Four months on from a disastrous showing in the general election, many of the Liberal Democrat MPs who lost their jobs in May remain jobless.