The Telegraph: Neil McKenzie interview – Bangladesh’s ‘skilled hitters’ start to embrace unorthodoxy

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INTERVIEW Neil McKenzie tells Isabelle Westbury how he has convinced players to trust in their ability

Bangladesh announced themselves at this World Cup with a comprehensive, all-round victory over South Africa . A washout and two close losses, though, mean that they now have it all to do to make the knockout stages. Any comeback will start against the West Indies on Monday, and the approaches of these two teams could not be more dissimilar.


The Telegraph: Bangladesh put stunned South Africa to sword

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Sport means many different things to many different people. In the West, what is meant to be an entertaining pursuit tends to veer between two extremes: a serious, methodical affair, analysed in severe and sombre tones, and a raucous booze-up. Watch a South Asian nation, however, and the celebratory, festival-like atmosphere is a spectacle unlike any other.

The Roar: The evolution of the minnows – hear them roar

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One of the delights of sport, and one with such longevity and steeped in such history and tradition as Test cricket, is in watching the peaks and troughs of various teams throughout the years, decades, centuries even.

The dominant West Indian side of the 1980s and early 90s, who soon fell away to the Australian superstars of the early noughties, who in turn succumbed to a resurgent South Africa, bouncing back after years in apartheid wilderness.