Sports Integrity Initiative: Match Fixing – The indelible stain

Match-Fixing, Sports Law

To err is human; to forgive, divine.” These days Alexander Pope’s oft-quoted quip is applied to all manner of situations; its relevance is universal. Martin Luther-King applied the sentiment to the civil rights movement, as did Nelson Mandela, to an extraordinary degree. Forgiveness is central to most, if not all, religious texts too – the Bible and the Quran to name but two. However there are some acts, or crimes, where forgiveness appear that much harder, where the label is worn by the perpetrator indefinitely.


Sports Integrity Initiative: Gerard Elias QC – The UK needs a specific law to combat match-fixing

Match-Fixing, Sports Law

Gerard Elias QC’s role as Chairman of the Cricket Discipline Commission (CDC) for the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is one that has seen him oversee issues that have varied from players’ spitting on the pitch through to racism allegations and corruption of the sport. Appointed as the CDC’s chairman in 1996, it’s a role he’s held for almost twenty years; even he concedes that such a term is too long. Appointed a QC in 1984, Elias is also a former Chairman of Glamorgan County Cricket Club and has chaired Disciplinary Tribunals for many other sports including the Welsh Rugby Union.