The Cricketer: The Big Bash – Archer and Denly take Australia by storm

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Isabelle Westbury reports on how the ‘British’ duo were signed as replacements with great success

There is something about defying expectations that suits the English. Label them favourites and they self-destruct. Make it clear from the outset that they are very much second best, however, and the English thrive.


Sports Integrity Initiative: Mamadou Sakho – Dommages collatéraux dans une ère de dénonciation publique

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Le footballeur de Liverpool, Mamadou Sakho, a été blanchi plus tôt cette année suite à une enquête de dopage imparfaite. Sa carrière reste dans la balance, tandis que l’AMA, l’organisation qui a si peu contrôlé l’affaire, n’a pas encore été tenu de rendre des comptes.

Sports Integrity Initiative: Mamadou Sak-who? Collateral damage in an era of name and shame

Doping, Sports Law

The Liverpool footballer, Mamadou Sakho, was exonerated earlier this year following a flawed doping investigation. His career remains in the balance while WADA, the organisation that so ineptly policed the affair, has yet to be held to account.