The Telegraph: A stark contrast between cricket’s sub-continental allure and its domestic apathy

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On the opening morning of the men’s Cricket World Cup at The Oval, the queue extending from the adjacent underground station was encouraging. The bottleneck, however, was formed not by excited fans but by commuters, puzzled by the appearance of a large shiny trophy on a cardboard pedestal outside. Briefly obstructing their daily shuffle, it was an irritant, soon forgotten.

The Nightwatchman: Cricket for all colours

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The Nightwatchman – The Wisden Cricket Quarterly

Issue 21 – Spring 2018

The Nightwatchman is a quarterly collection of essays and long-form articles and is available in print and e-book formats.

Isabelle Westbury asks whether the game is undergoing a cultural shift.

Nearly 30 years on British Asians have still not been fully accepted into English cricket. However, the next 18 months offer an excellent opportunity for change – a chance to build on the events of last year: Pakistan’s victory over India in the Champions Trophy and India’s bold run in the Women’s World Cup. With the India and Pakistan men’s teams touring the UK this summer, and a World Cup to follow in 2019, more subcontinental cricket is coming to these shores than ever before. What more can be done to ensure that cricket in this country really is a game for everyone who lives here – including the three million South Asians who make up almost five per cent of the population?