The Cricketer: The Big Bash – Archer and Denly take Australia by storm

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Isabelle Westbury reports on how the ‘British’ duo were signed as replacements with great success

There is something about defying expectations that suits the English. Label them favourites and they self-destruct. Make it clear from the outset that they are very much second best, however, and the English thrive.


The Cricketer: Radio killed the video star

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Almost forty years ago The Buggles topped the music charts with their smash hit, “Video Killed the Radio Star”. A nostalgic hark back to a lost era, the single epitomised a wider anxiety towards impending technological change. Just two years after the single was released MTV, the American music television channel, was launched and the song’s lyrical prophecy appeared to have come true – pictures had come and broken radio’s heart.